Welcome, Friends!

Thank you for visiting us! We are happy to tell you a little bit more about what we do. 

Who we are

We are a small family-run sewing shop offering you hand-made products from linen. All our fabrics are manufactured at the largest linen weaving factory in Belarus, a country with a long heritage of flax growing and linen production. For two generations our family has worked with linen and sewing, and we bring years of experience and knowledge to everything we do. We know how to get the best from this ancient material, and understand what you need to create the comforts of home with ecologically pure materials in the modern age.

What we value

At You’re My Goose we are committed to sustainable production.  Linen itself is an environmentally-friendly fabric as it requires fewer resources to grow and process, and is biodegradable. We use every last scrap of fabric to minimize waste and carefully pack our goods in crafted handmade paper. Reducing our impact on the planet is a fundamental part of our philosophy, and we are constantly striving to do better. 




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