For thousands of years, linen has been valued for its exceptional qualities. Ancient Egyptians wore it to stay cool in intense desert heat, and European flax growers wove bedding and clothes that were so treasured they were often passed down as family heirlooms. Linen is complex to produce, requiring many steps and careful handling, but the final product is a durable, high-quality natural fabric that deserves its place in history as well as a place in your home. When you use linen, you’re benefiting from hundreds of years of human history and ingenuity, and carrying on a long tradition.


Long regarded in Europe as the best quality fabric, linen is 30% stronger than cotton and very structurally sound, so products and clothing made from linen retain their shape. It’s very absorbent, making it well suited to uses like kitchen towels and sheets, and has natural antimicrobial properties that keep your linen items fresher longer between washes. Because it’s breathable, it’s cool in the summer and a fantastic base layer in the winter. Although the fabric starts out fairly stiff, we prewash all our linen to soften it, and it gets progressively softer with each wash. The feeling of natural linen is impossible to reproduce with other materials - you’ll have to feel it to believe it. Plus, because it’s a woven fabric, each piece is unique, containing tiny variations that add a sense of texture and volume.


Every piece we make is lovingly handcrafted and professionally finished. We spend our time on the little details: delicately finished edges and carefully constructed seams. Because our linen items aren’t mass-produced, we devote focused skill and attention to each one. You’ll appreciate that the quality of the construction matches the quality of the fabric, making each item something you can enjoy for decades to come.


Our 100% natural Belarusian linen is hypo-allergenic, easier on the environment than many other fabrics, and lovely to look at. We know that once you experience it, you’ll find yourself treasuring your linen just as much as our ancestors have through the centuries.



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